Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Indian Egg Donors

In an effort to reduce costs, some people will look for an Indian Egg Donor but are then disappointed with the selection that is presented to them.  The simple fact of the matter is that the reason a lot of young Indian egg donors do not want to be egg donors is that there is a stigma attached to losing ones virginity if the do this (more to the point, their hymen might be broken) and in a paternalistic society this is a huge deal.  PlanetHospital understands the cost factors involved and is trying to find ways to get more quality women to become egg donors.  However, recently we have learned from a few clients that some unscrupulous Indian surrogacy companies and agencies will send a photo of someone like this as a potential donor.

but then they have no way of knowing if THIS is who actually showed up to provide her eggs (unless the intended parent is physically there).

How do you protect yourself?  Well, PlanetHospital is physically there, we independently verify this and let you know.  This way, our reputation and business is on the line.  We started doing this since 2010 because we too were victims of this egg donor bait and switch by .  Curiously no other company has been doing this still (and it's not like we are hiding this from anyone!).  Just something to keep in mind when choosing whom to work with.

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